Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day.....

Folks in these parts are known for getting a bit excited when it snows. We are often made fun of, laughed at and called names like "snow pansies" because of the way we deal with snow events. (Yes, we do call them 'snow events'!) Truth is, well, we just aren't prepared for cold weather. We can handle a little of it, but when the snow starts or the ice shows up, well, we can't handle it. Most of this is due to the fact that snow machines that spread salt (geeze, i know that there is an official name for that machine....) aren't something that we have around here.

The temperatures lately have been stunningly cold. Something called the Polar Vortex is going on....we just call it d@amn cold. School buses don't start and the schools heating systems don't keep up with the need. School is called off....Mamas groan and children cheer!

Today is one of those days.....

Pickles is not thrilled, but Emma was.

Crafts were done, soup and crackers were eaten, movies were watched, cookies were baked.

A most perfect snow day!

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Haunalu P said...

I love your blog...I came across it looking for blogs of mother's as I am one. Your Emma is precious!